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Every since Buddy Holly tagged Peggy Sue Gerron with the love ballad “Peggy Sue,” the song became her story too. Fans the world over have sought Peggy’s picture, autograph, and story. Music history archivists have taken notice and deemed her an internationally recognized celebrity and a living piece of rock and roll memorabilia. People the world over are learning that Peggy Sue is much more than a song. The girl next door grew up. She became a wife, mother, grandmother, small business owner, writer, radio personality, and the list goes on. Through it all, the romantic charm and aura of being “Peggy Sue” has “not faded away.” She exudes class and style as she informs, motivates, and inspires through her humour, honesty, and passion of life.. She was a high school senior when she was cast into the international spotlight by Buddy Holly’s release of the namesake song that climbed to the top of 1957 Billboard Charts. The rest is musical history.Today, Peggy Sue is a celebrity speaker, radio host, and columnist. Because of her legendary status in the annals of Rock ‘n Roll, she is in demand for public appearances, television and radio shows, documentaries, print media interviews and celebrity Internet chat sessions. Vivacious and charming, her infectious personality captivates audiences at conventions, trade shows, auto shows, collector’s shows, music festivals, universities and corporate functions with her behind-the scenes stories and vignettes of the music and musicians of that magical era. When Buddy Holly was posthumously awarded a Grammy for Lifetime Achievement, the presenter proclaimed “Peggy Sue” as “the first international rock anthem.” The Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame honoured the song as “one of the most popular and influential Rock classics.” The girl next door grew up. But, she is still in the heart of every young man and in the spirit of every girl’s daydreams. Buddy Holly, the kid with black-rimmed glasses began the world’s fairy tale romance with Peggy Sue when he recorded the song with her name. That fairy tale remains eternally young.

The name of the band is, "Peggy Sue's Dance Party" 

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